The Wiz Golf Wedge Fitting System

Wiz Golf Wedge Fitting System is the extension of the best practices from Edel's Wedge Fitting System and extending it to allow the same precision of matching grind and bounce to match a golfer's angle of attack. We are now able to offer more designs using Club Connex's Fuze Fit connectors together with 21 wedge shafts offering. Core of our Performance Based Clubfitting practice is to remove guess work and use real data for fitting. Deciding shaft and grind design has never been this easy and transparent.

The core technologies that we use to ensure a proper wedge fitting includes:

Club Conex Fitting Technology

Club Conex produce cutting edge fitting solutions which allow us to save time and switch components each fitting session we perform. Just like hosel technology in today's driver system, we can now swap component independently of others. This allows us to create millions of fitting combinations with our client so that we can collect actionable data for club fitting purpose.

The FUSE-FIT Shaft Adapter permits full shaft insertion with the club head promoting the same feel, trajectory and spin rate as a traditional epoxied installation. The unique key way locks into the threaded slot on the hosel adapter and is assembled together via the compression nut.

Edel Wedge Fitting Analysis

Edel fitting analysis incorporate proper bounce angle, sole width, camber, radius, head weight, loft, lie, shaft flex/weight, and grip size.


Head weighting

Using a combination of club building methods, lead tapes and precision weight kit, we will be able to move the sweet spot to make sure you get closer to your optimum launch conditions. The correct head weight and the correct placing of the weight can both affect face angle and club path further influencing your ability to hit a draw or fade or help fighting a slice or hook..

Counterbalance Weighting
Two major scientific disciplines that can best explain how counter weighting system works are physics, followed closely by biomechanics.

In physics, we use a term called MOI or Moment of Inertia. This term is used to describe an object’s resistance to twisting around an axis. By precise placement of a counter weighting system in any golf club, the MOI can be tuned to match a player’s personal swing tendencies, dramatically improving distance and accuracy.

The science of Biomechanics is a relatively new in the field of golf, and from year to year this science had brought about a significant increase in understanding of the mechanics in the golfer’s swing. Biomechanics helps describe how “feel” affects performance of a player.

Counter weighting has been the subject of many tests by large golf companies over the years. Until these companies changes their business model, they will never be able to provide this level of customization, as every golfer’s feel are unique.

By partnering with major counterweighting manufacturers like Balanced-Certified and Tour Lock Pro, we are able to provide varieties of counter weighting related technologies like Opti-Vibes, butt weights and Power Transfer Insert to help golfer gets their optimum feel and launch conditions.

Trackman Launch Monitor

Trackman is the most accurate radar-based system in the golf industry. TrackMan systems calculate your various shot characteristics with unparalleled efficiency at 1 foot for every 100 yards. By tracking your exact ball flight from launch to landing we can evaluate your entire game and determine your exact club prescription.

Core components used in Wiz Golf Wedge Fitting System

Wedge Heads

Edel SWP 60* Miura Wedge 60*
Edel PKR 60* Miura C-Grind 59*
Edel NPN 60* Miura K-Grind 60*
Edel NPW 60* Miura Y-Grind 60*
Edel PNR 60*  
Edel TRP 60* Vega VW-02 60*
Edel DVR 60* Vega VW-04 60*
Edel DRG 60* Vega VW-06 60*
Edel PNR 52* Vega VW-08 60*
Edel TRP 52*  
Edel DVR 52* KZG TRS 60*
Edel PNR 56* KZG SRS 60*
Edel TRP 56* KZG XRS 60* (coming soon)
Edel DVR 56* KZG MW-I 60*
  KZG MWC-I 60*
SCOR 50*  
SCOR 52*  
SCOR 54*  
SCOR 56*  
SCOR 58*  
SCOR 60*  

Wedge Shafts

Type : *G-Graphite, *S-Steel
Edel High Spin Proto by UST
Miyazaki Wedge Profile 95
Matrix GSW
GD Tour AD 65 R
KBS Hi-Rev R
KBS Hi-Rev S
KBS Black R
KBS Black S
KBS C-Taper S
KBS C-Taper S+
KBS C-Taper Lite R
KBS C-Taper Lite S
KBS 90 R
KBS 90 S
Nippon 105
Nippon 125
DG Spinner
DG Spinner+
Rifle Spinner 4.5
Rifle Spinner 5.5
DG Tour Issue S-400
GS 85 R
GS 85 S
Apollo Shadow FL (R)
Apollo Shadow FL (L) (-0.75)
Matrix Radix S VI (S)
Graphite Design Tour AD 75 (R)

Counter weighting

Tour Lock Pro Butt Weights in 8g, 12g, 16g, 20g, 24g

Balanced-Certified Power Transfer Insert

Opti-vibes in 30g and 50g