Retro Fitting Service


Most people play golf clubs purchased off the rack from a golf retail store or pro shop at a country club.  We must say you've bought an outstanding product, no question about it. We have a great deal of respect for these major brands, but there is also a major problem here, we bet there's virtually no chance these clubs fit every aspect of your individual golf game!  Golf clubs are still mass-produced by these major companies.  You get a few choices with respect to the type of shaft (steel or graphite) and the flex rating of the shaft.  You will probably get an option as to the length of the clubs or a color code to identify your lie angle as well.  But it pretty much stop here. 

Tiger Woods didn't walk into a store and buy a set of Nike irons, put them in his bag and then go out and play.  Tiger's clubs were meticulously fitted for him and don't remotely resemble the same model club sold in the store to the general public.  Do you know that other than the head or shaft type, there many specs that are not visible to the naked eye? E.g. by carefully positioning weights on the golf club, we change the dead weight and the CG location of the whole club, thus changing the MOI and swing characteristic of the club.

Here's an analogy from Tom Wishon.  You have just purchased the same stock car that Jeff Gordon races on the NASCAR circuit.  What do you think would happen if you had a competent driver race your car head to head against Gordon's car?  Gordon would blow your car off the track. Most people would realize that although you can buy the same car that Jeff Gordon uses on NASCAR, it really isn't the same car.  Gordon's car has been modified and adjusted by a team of expert technicians.  Golf clubs can be adjusted and modified in the same way through retro-fitting.

Retro-fitting consists of a swing analysis session to determine your individual requirements.  Your clubs are then disassembled and custom fit for you.  There are many factors to consider when retro-fitting a set of golf clubs.  One factor would be what shaft is best for YOU (for a discussion of how different shaft properties affect the ball flight, you can refer to his post).  The spine of the shaft can be isolated and aligned properly to ensure the most consistent performance.  There are many other factors such as proper playing lengths, grip size, loft and lie angles, butt and head weight for MOI (the energy required to set the club in motion, when every clubs are MOI matched, you required the same amount of energy to swing every club).