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At Wiz Golf, we use only the most reliable technologies so that accurate data can be collected and be intepreted for an accurate fit. Here are the key technologies we deploy at our centre.


Doppler Radar Technology

Trackman is the most accurate radar-based system in the golf industry. TrackMan systems calculate your various shot characteristics with unparalleled efficiency at 1 foot for every 100 yards. By tracking your exact ball flight from launch to landing we can evaluate your entire game and determine your exact club prescription.

TrackMan provides the platform that helps you improve your golf game whether you are a Tour Pro or a Sunday golfer looking to cut a few strokes off your round. Trackman has provided ball flight data and swing analysis to the professional golf industry since 2003. Manufacturers, tour pros, teachers, students and range facilities all take advantage of the TrackMan numbers on a daily basis.

Phil Mickelson, PGA Professional: 'I use it specifically for my equipment, to gain the optimal distance and control.'


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Ultrasonic Technology

SAM PuttLab, the ultimate putting training system is an analysis and training system based on an accurate ultrasound measurements. It analyzes the 28 most important parameters of your putting stroke and displays the results in easy to understand graphic reports. Discover your individual strengths and weaknesses for a better and more efficient training.

Padraig Harrington (European Tour Player), in 'The Guardian': 'You can have good weeks putting badly, and vice versa, but this machine is a great help with those things even a coach cannot see.'


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Tour Van Standard Equipment

Tour Professionals make a living playing golf in world-class tournaments. Therefore, their equipment must perform to this competition. That is why they depend on Mitchell® measuring and bending machines in tour repair vans at every tournament to properly adjust their golf club angles. Now you can also enjoy this standard off the tour from frequency measurement to loft and lie adjustment.

All Mitchell Golf Equipment Company products are engineered, manufactured, and assembled at our plant in Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A. Five patents and 3 trademark registrations protect the intellectual property rights of our products.

STEELCLUB® Angle Machines changed golf club technology just like the Golf Pride slip-on replacement grips did. The patented design unlocked the secret to correctly measure club head angles and bend cast irons, hybrids, metal woods and putters. Custom fitted golf clubs were not popular with manufacturers in 1988, but today every major club manufacturer has a custom fitting program.


STEELCLUB® Angle Machines have played a major role in creating the custom club-fitting trend by providing accurate loft & lie angle adjustments at the time of purchase. Club manufacturers recognize that golfers want custom fitted clubs and with the patented STEELCLUB® Technology golfers get them.

Mitchell Golf Equipment Company's motto is “Excellence Without Compromise”. Quality products are not expensive when you buy “excellence”.


A shaft, if properly matched to your swing, can maximize distance, improve accuracy, accommodate a good release and follow through. The higher your swing speed, the stiffer the butt section; the slower your tempo, the softer the mid section; the later your release, the stiffer the tip section has to be. Shaft weight can affect your swing speed and your club path. Proper shaft weight for your swing promotes a faster swing speed and consistency swing path so that you can execute your swing like what you think you are swinging.

Properly matching a shaft profile to your swing characteristics is important with respect to accounting for the bending feel some golfers are able to perceive from the shaft. Tom Wishon highlighted that bending feel is a very important aspect of feedback from the shaft because it affects the golfer's psychological perception of the club. If the shaft feels good to the golfer, their swing will be more fluid and consistent. If the shaft feels poor to the golfer, the golfer may react by changing their swing as if in an effort to make the shaft feel good, and in the process make more swing errors which will contribute to poor shotmaking results.


At Wiz Golf, we profile every shaft for stiffness at 5" interval starting at 11" from the tip. Through our ShaftMatch solution, your swing characteristics are match against a database of shaft profiles for the best match. It is no longer about hitting and trying on endless shafts but a scientific way of matching your shaft and your swing.


Ball Flight Optimizer

OptimalFlight is a world-class ball flight optimizer for ball launch conditions. Discover ways to get an additional 10-30 yards of distance. Or ask downrange distance questions like "What happens if launch angle is increased or spin is lowered?" and get answers with confidence.

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True Length Technology

Awarded "Best New Fitting Idea for 2007"
Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals (AGCP)
Annual Round Table Sessions in Georgia, USA Dec. 11, 2007

We offer this as an alternative to the traditional ½ inch length increment more