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The edel putter fitting system shows instant results. For someone whose putting has never been consistent, the customized edel putter (after 3 hours) allowed me to really putt where I always wanted it. My putting stroke corrected itself to a simple basic stroke and putting never felt better … money well spent…thanks guys!" - Ching HP

The Edel putter fitting system has produce for me a putter that enables much more consistent speed control. I get closer to the hole than before in my first putt consistently now. The putter is very well balanced and gives good feel. The aimpoint technology really helps me to read the green differently and more accurately. It makes me aware of more factors and estimates the amount of breaks better. My new edel putter greatly helps to reduce my overall score by about 8 strokes in my last 6 games with it. Thanks khee wei, it was a whorthwhile investment. - Tan LH

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aimpoint tips

  1. Know the Stimp reading for the day, 8 or 10 usually works best.
  2. Read the green first, not the putt. Decide if the hole is on a planar, saddle, or crowned area of the green.
  1. Determine the slope for the hole location, if unknown, assume 2% for planar, 0.5% for saddles or crowns.
  2. Find the Zero Line closest to your ball by looking at the hole and walking to find the inflection point.
  3. For Planar Surfaces Only
    1. Decide your angle or time on the clock face.
    2. Determine the length of your putt.
    3. Consult your AimChart for the expected break amount.
  4. Aim your ball or your putter to aimpoint.
  5. Trust your read and commit!
Edel builds more than putters. They handcraft everything.

Edel Golf Bags

Custom Leather Bag is handmade in Argentina. Argentina is known for quality leather and hand stitching a variety products that includes handbags, boots, belts and more. People spend thousands of dollars on there clubs and less than $200 on their bag. The one piece of equipment that gets noticed most and makes the first impression.

Constructed of Argentine leather with solid wood back lay, solid wood leg stands, and strong metal support structure to improve performance.

  edel bag

Edel Studio Black Headcovers

The black headcover with the white Edel logo on top with our custom E logo dancing on the sides. A soft inner lining with strong magnets fastens together to ensure a snug fit.

  edel cover

Round Edel Itomic Grip

The Edel Itomic Black Grip is not like a traditional rubber grip. It is made from a proprietary blend of very tacky Thermo-Forming Elastomeric materials. This revolutionary blend of Elastomers is very soft and extremely durable and playable in all weather conditions. Itomic grips maintain their tacky feel, and new look for years by washing them with warm soapy water.Round grip with Edel on bottom in white with Edel "E" wrapping around grip.

  edel grip

Edel Wings Belt Buckle

Show off the custom wing logo that can be customized in black, blue, green, red or white color inlay around the E with your choice of brown or black leather belt.

  edel belt

Custom Edel Design Watches

Edel make one of a kind watches for your Remembrance moment, Winning that Golf Tournament, Anniversary, Graduation, etc.

  edel watch

Titanium Fly Reels Reel

  • Reel Specification
  • Size is 2-7/8"
  • Dia= 208465
  • Inside pillar width .9490
  • Outside rim bands 1.397
  • Dia spool 2.3585
  • Inside width of spool .7685

Like the width of a baby wide Bogdan, but a little larger diameter Titanium is 6al-4v labeled on side plate is the ti class. This is high grade general purpose ti.

Has a reversible click pall. Bronze bearings with 17-4 arbor. Spool is titanium, cage, handle, bearing cap Foot is 303 stainless steel Screws stainless steel. Fossilized Walrus Tusk Crank Weight 7.1 oz for those not afraid of an extra ounce.

  edel fly reels