1. I'm not sure if I should change my equipment or something wise, how can you help? [+]

    Generally, this is what we will do:

    a) We will do a preliminary session to assess if there is a mismatch in your current equipment. This will take 10-15 mins. We do not charge for this. If the specs are within acceptable spec for the player, we would encourage an optimization service rather than changing the equipment. We always want to start with making a player’s own clubs “as good as they can be”.

    b) if the decision is to optimise the current club, then the charges are pretty much dependent on what needs to be worked on, e.g. bending lie (if they can be bent) for irons, shaft length, counter weight, head weight etc.

    c) If we then decide to proceed with a full analysis, the session will take about 60-90mins and is chargeable. The deliverable for this session includes the Trackman report, Optimal Flight Report and recommended shafts/other spec reports depending on the club analysed.

    Here are more information
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  2. Is it more expensive to get custom fit clubs? [+]

    Although you may pay a fee for a clubfitting session, custom golf equipment will save you money in the long run and will dramatically improve your game. And, with Wiz Golf, the clubs can be less expensive than the "big brand" off-the-rack clubs. For more details of cost, you may want to read this article we wrote about cost of professional custom fitting.

    It just makes sense that if you are fitted into the ideal club from the outset, you don't have to look to replace it or re-shaft it. If you don't play a 3 or 4 iron, why pay for them? With custom clubs, you will only order the irons you need: mix and match irons, substitute utility woods for irons, carry more wedges, the options are limitless. Customization really saves in the long run.

    Most Professional Clubfitters will not be able to tell you exactly how much a new club will cost you prior to a fitting because they won't know what model, shaft, grip, and what adjustments will be right for you. But you certainly can, and should, ask for a "ball park" estimate before you begin the fitting process.

  3. Why are there so many discrepancies between shafts? [+]

    Each shaft has its own profile, wall thickness, tip ratio and frequency. Frequencies are a great way to compare shafts but it shouldn't be the only way. Even if shafts are the same stiffness, their playability might be drastically different because each shaft has a different profile, wall thickness and tip ratio. So even if the frequencies and the stiffness of the shaft are the same, each shaft will play differently. Your Professional Fitter will find the best combination of shaft and clubhead for you.

  4. Should I have my Putter custom fitted as well? [+]

    Yes. Putters are extremely important clubs. Even a scratch player will use his or her putter around 30 times per round, more than any other club in the bag. So it makes sense that this club perfectly suits you and your game.

    You will be amazed at how many strokes you can shave off your game using a putter that is custom fit for you. Sadly, most putters are sold on impulse and have nothing to do with a club that actually suits the golfer. Is it right length? Weight? Lie? Can you aim with it? Can you control the speed?

  5. Why is KZG so famous for their Fairway Woods? [+]

    Frankly, KZG Fairway Woods are simply unbeatable. We just ask you to test them against anything on the market.

    KZG first gained fame with the introduction of a Fairway Wood that featured a special brazing patented face made of maraging steel. KZG sold 1.7 million Fairway Woods containing this technology to a major brand which became the #1 Fairway Wood on the market in 1998 and 1999.

    KZG continues to offer superior performing Fairway Woods to this day. In fact, we ask that you test and compare our woods against any other wood and prove to yourself that we are #1. KZG currently offers 5 different types of Fairway Woods to suit the unique needs of each golfer. Your KZG Dealer will assist you in selecting the Fairway Wood that will suit your swing and shave strokes from your handicap.

  6. How much should I pay for good quality golf equipment? [+]

    Remember you get what you pay for? Well it applies to golf equipment as well.

    Reputable golf companies generally use top quality grades of materials for the manufacture of their heads and shafts. Less reputable companies will use recycled metals in their heads and low grade modulus graphite in their shafts that negatively affect the performance of a club. Because there is no licensing board that supervises the integrity of the representations made regarding golf equipment, it would be wise to heed the advice of "buyers beware".

    Top companies will spend a great deal of time, financial resources and effort in designing clubs for optimum performance and they will conduct extensive testing before the launch of any product. The less reputable companies will attempt to copy the designs of reputable companies and put on a product that "looks similar" to a major brand but fall far short in performance. These "look-a-like" products are called clones or knock-offs and the materials, craftsmanship and performance are generally inferior.

    On the other side of the equation, the cost of golf equipment also includes the amount of advertising and tour presence used to sell it. Millions and millions of dollars are spent advertising and "buying" the tour. The advertising and tour presence does not make the clubs perform better or assure you are getting top quality. If a large percentage of the price you are paying for the club is dedicated to advertising, the reality is that the actual cost to make the clubs is far less. Companies like Edel, VEGA and KZG focus more on the products and less on buying the tours. Thus enabling them to offer much superior products at a lower cost.

    At, Wiz Golf we focus on providing the most accurate custom fitting process, the best performing equipment and rely on word of mouth endorsements.

  7. How much is my custom fitted club going to cost? [+]

    Read a detail breakdown here.

  8. Looking at that price, it will probably cost between $1400 - $3500 for a set of irons. I can probably get a custom major brand name set for slightly over $1K. [+]

    Yes, you probably can. But there are many levels of customisation (See here for the different level of customization) and a "custom" major brand name clubs can never be built to our level, for the fact that they are still mass produced. A simple question is can they build your club to a specific swing weight or MOI? Possibly they will say no or these are not important. We do see people coming in with their custom fitted major brand set to be custom fitted and custom built again. It is not cheap to get accurate fitting, sad to say..., we use the most advance technologies like Trackman and SAM PuttLab to capture your launch parameters, like swing speed, spin rate and launch angle. We offer more heads and shafts combination then any single major brand and we build the clubs to a very tight tolerant.

  9. I can get the same equipment with the "same spec" off the internet for less (including shipping and taxes etc) than what you charge. Why should I get from you? [+]

    To be accurate, we are 100% sure that you can't get the exact same spec as what we fitted you into. 100% sure. Period.

    Yes, they may be the same head, the same shaft or even the same grip and allow you to specify the lie and swing weight. But do they offer you specifications like total weight, butt weight and head weight to acheive certain MOI? Do they offer you life time lie adjustment? Even if they warrent the clubs, who is paying the shipping if they have get them back due to any issue with the shaft or head? Do they build you a test club to test before building the rest? A "R" from KBS is different in terms of stiffness from a True Temper's "R" as there is simply no standard in the golf industry, do you really know what you are ordering?