I. Some Things You Should Know About Golf Clubs Before You Buy Them
  1. Before you buy your next club... [+]

    If you're like the majority of golfers, your interest in buying a new golf club or set of clubs is first piqued by advertisements or commercials from a golf company announcing the performance technology behind their latest golf club model. Once you develop enough of an interest in a particular club or set to act, you then head out to the retail golf store or pro shop to take a look and possibly test hit the club(s). If you decide to buy, where you buy the clubs then typically becomes a matter of which store or website has the lowest price.

  2. Do you know the 13 club specifications? [+]

    Every golf club or set of clubs ever made has 13 different specifications that make those clubs what they are. Those 13 different elements are the Lengths, Loft Angles, Lie Angles, Face Angle, Shaft Weight, Shaft Flex, Shaft Bend Profile, Shaft Torque, Swingweight, Total Weight, Grip Size/Style, Set Makeup and Clubhead Model Design. The ads or commercials that attract you to any golf club or set of clubs typically talk about one and only one of those 13 key specifications that makes each club differ from another - the clubhead design.

    Here's a fact few golfers ever realize. All those golf clubs within each club model you see displayed on the display racks in the pro shop are built to differ in only 2 of those 13 key golf club specifications - you can choose between a few different shaft flexes and among only the drivers, you can choose between a handful of different loft angles. Within each club model the other 11 specifications are all made to be the same.

  3. Do we all have the same size, strength, swing & athletic ability? [+]

    Now think about this for a moment. The last time you were at a busy driving range, did all the golfers have the same size, same strength, same athletic ability and have the same swing characteristics? Not even close I'm sure you'll agree. In fact the golfers who play this great game are quite different from each other in their size, strength, athletic ability and swing characteristics. Isn't it then logical to question how all these different golfers can hope to play to the best of their golfing ability if they all buy golf clubs that are made to be the same for 11 of the 13 club specifications?

    Golfers cannot play to the best of their ability using golf clubs that are made to a series of standard specifications for the simple reason that all the golfers do vary in their size, strength, athletic ability and swing characteristics.

  4. What is Club Fitting? [+]

    Club fitting should take place over a few sessions and in each session, a series of tests will be conducted to discover your optimal golf club specifications. Every session will be facilitated by a qualified club fitting professional using specialized tools and fitting clubs and you should be actively involved in the discovery process to determine your optimal equipment specifications, providing feedback to the club fitter as requested. The 13 club specifications will be determined reliably using high-tech equipment and specified fitting procedures and tools.

  5. Does club fitting matter? [+]

    Properly fitted equipment gives you the best chance for success, enjoyment and improvement. When you use properly fitted equipment, you will not be forced to compensate your fundamentals or swing technique to get the desired result. These clubs will work for you and not against you and will facilitate your development. In the process, you will also become comfortable with your equipment and condiment knowing that a sound swing is likely to produce desirable results. The custom fitting process also educate you on ball flight and performance variables giving you a good idea of what is actually happening at impact.

    Statistics within the industry of custom Clubfitting show that over 70% of all golfers who shoot between 75 and 100 do experience measurable, visible shot improvement when they are custom fit for each of the 13 club specifications. Is there more distance, better accuracy, better shot consistency lying in your game ready to surface? With a better than a 7 in 10 chance aren't you curious to know?

  6. How do I find a good Clubfitter? [+]

    The first step for a proper fitting is finding a reputable and qualified Professional Clubfitter, preferably a Master Clubfitter. This is easier said than done. Many individuals call themselves Professional Clubfitters, yet there are amazingly few in the world that would qualify for the title.

    Also, you can assess the level of custom fitting offered by a clubfitter by comparing what he offers against our checklist here. Off course we think you should go to one that offers your "Excellent" custom fitting service.

    Another great place to find qualified Clubfitters is through the Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals. The group sets the bar for what to expect in a true custom fitting. They have a Locator on their website (http://www.agcpgolf.com/locator/) and all members are experts in the clubfitting profession and continue to support the growth of the custom fitting industry.

    There is no one "universal" method for fitting. Today, most clubfitters use analyzers and launch monitors to gather the critical data necessary in selecting the ideal club. Some use a method that combines heads and shafts with a special connector so you can see, feel and test the results of the proposed club during the first fitting session.

    FORGET THE INTERNET! We know of no way you can get properly fit via the Internet. Additionally, if something goes wrong with the clubs you buy on the Internet...good luck in trying to secure a remedy.

  7. Is it the brand/product/component, the fit or the build? [+]

    What determines if you are going to get a high quality custom fitted clubs is well beyond just the brand/product/component. It is about how the 13 club specifications are painstakefully matched to your bio signature and then painstakefully built to these specs. What good is it if you have the most expensive heads/shafts but built out of spec? Finding the specifications is one thing, building it to specifications is another.

II. Wiz Golf?
  1. Who is Wiz Golf? [+]

    Wiz Golf Performance Centre was founded to help golfers of all skill levels to take advantage of technologies, products, materials and methods in clubfitting and optimisation so that you have one thing less to worry and focus on enjoying the game.

  2. Our Center and Facilities [+]

    Being a Recognized Mitchell Tour Van Repair Shop, our centre is capable of enhancing the performance of your golf clubs just like any manufacturers' repair vans. We use technologies like Trackman, SAM Puttlab, OptimalFlight, ClubConex and high speed camera as the enabling technologies that allow us to do precision fitting. We are the first independent club fitting to have a Trackman radar launch monitor in an outdoor range.

  3. Wiz Golf Promise [+]

    At Wiz Golf, the search for the perfect ball flight never ends. We strive to:

    - Provide golfers with the opportunity to select optimally fitted equipment based on education, testing and feedback using state-of-the-art equipment such us Trackman, SAM PuttLab, advanced knowledge and professional consolation.

    - To collect, interpret and use objective data for specification and equipment selection.

    - To build high quality clubs with tight tolerant to ensure adherence to specifications.

  4. What is the Wiz Golf Clubfitting Performance Cycle? [+]

    Wiz Golf Clubfitting Performance Cycle is a holistic and continual system of performance enhancement iteration. Each cycle includes optimizing your game through the evaluation of equipment and how it affects your bio mechanism, ball impact and ball flight.

    1) Baseline
    The first step is to establish a blueprint of your ball flight, equipment and your bio mechanism. This will allow us to identify areas that can be improved.

    2) Analyze
    Different specifications of the clubs are tested to see how they each affect your ball flight and bio mechanism.

    3) Match
    Based on data collected in step 1 and 2, an assessment is made on the level of miss-match with your current equipment and recommendation will be made.

    4) Optimize
    A test club will be built to the specifications derived from the previous steps. Further tuning will be done on the test club to optimize the ball flight/impact and your bio mechanism feedback.

    5) Build
    With the optimized specifications, our engineers build and match all clubs in the set to our quality and precision standard. Matching a set provides the improvement in consistency in being able to get you to repeat the biomechanics motion of the golf swing and strike the ball on-center a higher percentage of the time, which in turn will translate into greater distance and better accuracy overall.

    6) Re-fit
    We understand that biomechanics changes over time and as you progress through the game, your equipment needs to be re-fitted in sync with your progress. We encourage all our customers to return for checks and our engineer can tune and make the adjustments.

    All fitting and equipment data is instantly available to our customer via our G.O.L.F.E.R Portal. As such, the cycle goes on, as does the continual optimization of your game.


  5. The Wiz Golf Logo [+]


    The logo illustrates the perfect flight path of a golf ball, which signifies the mission of Wiz Golf in perfecting golfers’ performance through the use of technology.

    Its uplifting shape, which is also the initial of Wiz Golf, delivers a positive and fresh image, while its color conveys trustworthiness and quality in service.

III. Special Thanks
  1. Roy Nix, Executive Director of the Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals [+]


    The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals is a professional peer group organization for club fitters and club builders whose purpose is two-fold:
    1) To further the education of professional golf club fitters and club makers in the science and art of custom club fitting and custom club making, and
    2) To promote the benefits of custom golf club fitting and custom golf clubs to the general public.