Player Profiles
  1. As a woman, will I benefit from custom clubs? [+]

    Unfortunately, many women have been mislead to believe that if something is labeled as "ladies" club, it is customized for them. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    As a general rule, every golfer can benefit from having their equipment custom fitted. Wiz Golf offers a myriad of models designed for different players based on skill, strength, and goals, regardless of your gender or age.

    Ladies come in all sizes, shapes, strengths, and skill levels. Some ladies are 5'10", weigh 150lbs and are very fit; some men are 5'6", weigh 130 lbs and are not as fit. Some women players are strong, skilled competitive players; some male players are not that strong and are recreational players. Who should get the so-called "ladies" clubs?

    Sadly, many women are intimidated by the thought of having their clubs custom built. Hopefully, as the golfing public becomes more aware of the benefits of custom fitting, more women will venture to a custom fitter.

  2. Does Wiz Golf offer clubs for junior players? [+]

    Yes. Wiz Golf carries high performance Flynn Golf Junior Clubs. They are available in green (122 - 137 cm tall) and yellow (137 - 152 cm tall) and red (150 - 168 cm tall). These sets feature properly weighted club heads, high performance graphite shafts and a stand bag. These sets are for the serious young golfer. They are not toys.

  3. What about juniors that are around 12 years old? [+]

    If juniors are fitted with poor equipment or not fitted at all it will definitely affect their swing in the future. So why not fit juniors in equipment that will optimize their game for a lifetime. As the basics get better, Professional Clubfitters can make easy shaft adjustments.

    Price of the clubs is a major concern for parents because juniors are constantly growing. We offer a wide-range of golf clubs to meet each golfer's ability and wallet. Our cast versions of our forged models offer the best prices.

  4. What about senior clubs and equipment to prevent pain? [+]

    Seniors are no different from any other golfers. They should be custom fitted with clubs that suit their strength, skill, size, and disabilities if any.

    Because so many seniors (as well as younger adults) suffer from arthritis special attention should be made to alleviate the pain. There are several ways to do this:

    • Definitely have your clubs custom fit.
    • Generally, lighter clubs will reduce any joint stress
    • Graphite shafts tend to help the player gain more distance and at the same time absorb more shock energy from each hit.
    • Utilizing a larger grip or non-tapered grips will gain more hand comfort
    • Consider using a utility iron or wood in lieu of the longer irons

    Playing with custom fitted clubs and taking certain precautions should give you a lifetime of joy playing golf. It is one of the few sports that can be continued throughout life.

  5. Should beginners or average players be custom fitted? [+]

    Absolutely. If you have clubs that fit you, your game will improve and you will hopefully enjoy the game more.

    Unfortunately, many beginning golfers tend to buy an inexpensive starter set of clubs, intending to buy the better clubs if they decided they like the game. Those inexpensive clubs may prove disastrous, as the lofts may be inconsistent and the specifications wrong for the player. In the end, the golfer may become discouraged because their game isn't improving and walk away from the game altogether.

    As a new golfer, you can easily get fitted for a limited number of "starter" clubs and it should not be terribly expensive. But most importantly, you will be using equipment that will help your game improve. As you become more experienced, then you can add more clubs to your bag. And later, when your swing is in the groove, you may want to splurge for a set that fits your evolved game and skills.