SCOR 2013 2012

The new wedges from the major brands look and work pretty much the same as their old ones. And that's not likely to help your short game get better. SCOR4161 is completely new. We challenged 50+ years of "conventional wisdom" about scoring clubs and started over, with the goal of delivering better distance control, improved feel and forgiveness, along with any-lie versatility. The result is the most comprehensive package of technology ever developed for your short range performance.


Our patented V-SOLE is the most versatile wedge sole ever devised. It’s not at all like the specialized bounce angles offered by every other brand, because it adapts to any lie you can imagine, gives you a measure of forgiveness no conventional wedge can match and it will never get in the way of your skill. That’s because the unique and patented V-SOLE combines a high and low bounce into the sole of each and every SCOR4161 wedge and short iron.

The main part of the sole features what would be considered a low bounce – from 3-7 degrees – specific to each loft. This allows every SCOR4161 club to perform perfectly from the tightest lies.



But the leading 1/4 of the sole in each SCOR4161 features a distinctly high bounce to prevent digging in soft turf or on short shots. Combined, these two angles are always working together to make your short game performance better than it’s ever been.

Tight hardpan? No problem. Fluffy rough? Piece of cake. Bunkers, ditto. Fairway, ditto. If your ball can find it, V-SOLE can help you escape it.

Other wedges do not have this patented technology, so they are not this versatile and effective. It is really that simple.


Off-the-rack wedges all feature a single weighting scheme applied to all lofts – the pitching, gap, sand and lob wedges all look exactly alike. But the difference in loft between a pitching and lob wedge is the same as that between a 3-wood look and 5-iron, so how can that make any sense at all?

So we developed the innovative SGC3 Progressive Weighting (Short Game Control x 3 – distance, spin and accuracy)

SGC3 is a revolutionary weight management concept which creates seven different back-weighting designs across the entire range of scoring club lofts – from 41 to 61 degrees. Each 3 degree range of lofts has a slightly different weighting scheme. Lob wedges are optimized for spin, trajectory control and distance accuracy with 58-61 degrees of loft. So are the sand wedges at 54-57*. Gap wedges of 50-53*. Pitching wedges of 45-49* and even the short irons from 41-44*. They all look different to optimize performance. Because it’s the right thing to do.

Beginning with the lob wedges, SGC3 Progressive Weighting positions the center of mass slightly higher than other wedges to optimize spin with the new grooves and perform better on full swings. As loft decreases . . . all the way down to the 9-iron replacements... SGC3 provides a gradually increasing amount of heel/toe weighting, a thicker face and a higher center of mass to keep full shots driving forward with just the right amount of spin and forgiveness. The result is unmatched accuracy with your wedges and short irons.


Depending on the make and model, your set of irons could have a "P-club" with anywhere from 43-47 degrees of loft, but the choices in the display racks are limited to certain numbers. "Close enough" or "we can bend that" is simply not good enough to get just the right wedge lofts to optimize your scoring. No other company allows you this level of precision in assembling your arsenal of scoring clubs.

Whether you are looking for just the right 2-4 wedges, or a completely synchronized set of scoring clubs, only with SCOR4161 can you build the exact set you need without bending or altering a club’s loft. This innovative approach to your scoring clubs offers every loft from 41 to 61 degrees... 21 different heads... so you can put together the right mix for your bag. No other company has ever offered this degree of precision for your short game.




Although it varies by golfer, each degree in loft typically equals 3-4 yards of distance. The more precise your set of scoring clubs is made, the more consistent your full-swing distance gaps will be. And that improves your chances of dialing in the exact distance you need on shots from short range. So why limit yourself to the "conventional" lofts offered by the other brands?

Our goal is to improve your scoring, and we know this is giant step to getting you there.


The old "forged vs. cast" debate has raged for decades now. Precision casting provides better adherence to spec, claim its proponents. But forging ensures better feel, says that camp. Well, they are both right, so only SCOR4161 combines the best of each process to ensure absolute precision without sacrificing any feel that is crucial to a solid short game.

First the heads are investment cast of mild 8620 carbon steel to ensure absolute precision and the achievement of tighter production tolerances. Then, before final polishing, the cast head is re-heated to 1,000+ degrees and put back in the forging tool, where it is pounded with an 800-ton forging press. This compression of the molecules in the clubhead re-aligns them and makes the head denser, so that you get the finest feel of any scoring clubs in the market.


The end product is much more similar to a true forged head in feel and malleability than to any casting on the market. Tru-Form-Forged costs more, for sure. But at SCORGOLF, we believe your short game and scoring are worth it.

First, for absolute precision, we CNC-mill the face to perfect flatness, so that your shots will be more accurate. Precision putters are made this way, why shouldn't your wedges and short irons have that same quality? Then, we CNC-mill each groove into each wedge, following the USGA guidelines to the tiniest fraction. No mass production milling for us.



No other scoring clubs – wedges or short irons – can give you more spin, better feel or shot control...period.
When you pull a wedge or short iron from the bag, it’s all about putting the ball close to the hole. And that requires complete control over the ball flight, spin and carry distance. A much higher percentage of shots inside 120 yards are missed short and long than left and right. So, SCOR4161 wedges and short irons incorporate revolutionary design principles and infinitely precise components and manufacturing processes to give you the responsive performance you deserve.

High Spin CNC-Milled Grooves and Faces
SCOR4161 wedges and short irons deliver superb spin and stopping power. First, for absolute precision, we CNC-mill (Computer Numerical Controlled) the face to perfect flatness, so that your shots will be more accurate. Then we CNC-mill each groove into each wedge, following the current USGA guidelines to the tiniest fraction. No mass production milling for us.

Cast and Forged – of mild 8620 Carbon Steel
Casting produces precision and forging delivers improved feel, so every SCOR4161 scoring club is both! First, the heads are precision cast of mild 8620 carbon steel, one of the softest steels that can be cast into a golf club and the choice of more touring professionals than any other. Then, each head is re-heated to over 1,200 degrees and forged into its final shape to ensure unmatched feel of impact. It’s an extra step that others don’t take, but we feel your short game performance is worth it.


Few companies talk about the grips they put on their clubs, but at SCOR Golf, we think the grip is a very important part of the scoring formula. So we engaged the grip experts at Lamkin® to help us optimize your feel and performance.

The result of that collaboration is our special version of the acclaimed 3GEN wedge grip in a distinctive red color with a black end cap. Lamkin’s proprietary vibration-dampening synthetic rubber ensures a sound and secure grip in all conditions and resists the deteriorating effects of ultra-violet light that makes other grips hard and slick. To assist in gripping down to specific hand placement for in-between full swing precision, the grip is 1” longer than typical grips, and has a more parallel lower section so that the club feels the same in your hands when you do grip down. Near the bottom of the SCOR grip, there are two “buttons” to guide you in consistency in placing your hands for in-between shots.

It’s another part of the formula that makes SCOR4161 the finest scoring clubs in the game. We even wrote the book to help you shoot lower scores. The SCOR METHOD book is yours free for download, and we’ll provide you with your very own SCORMETHOD bag tag, so that you can keep your precision yardages handy for reference during each round.
Our goal is to improve your scoring, and we know this is giant step to getting you there.