• Voted #1 Golf Training Aid in the world by the World Golf Teachers Federation (WGTF)
  • Swing Rite is now the official training aid of the International PGA.
    • FACT - not empty marketing claims, with credentials like this it has to be good.
  • Allows indoor practice of full swings with real club head feel
    • Practice at home, in the office or wherever/whenever you feel for working on your swing
    • No longer restricted to the course or the driving range in daylight hours
    • A great warm up tool to use before teeing off
  • Adjustable for different club head speeds
    • SwingRite lets you set the adjustment to suit your club head speed and learn how to get a consistent release for improved ball striking
  • Allows the user to hear where their hands are releasing
    • Thus speeding up the brain's learning/improvement process leading to an increase in club head speed and more power
  • SwingRite is an investment in your golf, just as buying a new golf club is.
    • SwingRite is a quality product made in the USA
    • SwingRite was invented 50 years ago and is still around
    • Treat it like a good golf club and it will be a friend for life.
    • Share it with your golfing mate