About 100 years ago the first golf course in Japan was built in Kobe. At that time there was no golf club production in Japan but coincidentally it was the area around Kobe which was famous for metal work, especially the forging of Samurai swords, a highly skilled traditional craft. These sword making skills have been passed down through generations of the family. It was not long before it was realised that these same forging techniques could be readily adapted to create another precision instrument, the golf club. When one of these expert craftsmen returned from Kobe to his home town of Ichikawa the manufacture of the finest quality golf clubs was established here and Vega was born. More from VEGA GOLF...


Dual Airflow Stabilizer

Patented Dual Airflow Stabilizer improves driver effciency through the air by up to 40%. This improved efficiency makes the head incredibly stable during the swing, while at the same time improving club head speed. See the aerodynamic performance of Airflow technology versus a leading competitor:




440cc 2 piece driver, made using the latest performance titanium. Optimum Airflow Stabilizer to aid in speed and stability. RAD-01 has straight face technology which makes it one of the most accurate drivers on the market.

9*, 11*



460cc 3 piece driver aimed at the player that likes to shape the ball off the tee. Traditional shape with a solid feel. Airflow Stabilizer Sole (ASS) technology designed to improve efficiency of the head on the down swing.

9*, 11*



The most advanced driver Vega has produced. A new lower profile body with aerodynamic flat sole maintains exceptional stability by feeding the air into the patented Airflow Stabilizer.

The newly redesigned Airflow Stabilizer has been developed to incorporate the new weight port. The new port gives us the deepest and lowest CG ever produced in a Vega wood. As standard the RAD-03 comes with a Stainless Steel screw weighing 8g. An additional wrench is available with Aluminium screw (3.5g) and Tungsten screw (13g) to give full flexibility in fitting and adjusting performance.

The introduction of these new technologies gives us the most stable driver in golf, utilising our patented Airflow Stabilizer (the very same technology used to break, and still hold, the Guinness World Long drive record) and deep Centre of Gravity (created by the weight port), we have achieved maximum launch conditions whilst reducing spin for longer, straighter drives, every time.

9.5*, 10.5*, 11.5*


Driver video


Low profile fairway wood, with carbon fibre crown to lower centre of gravity and give a strong penetrating flight. 'ASS' technology to reduce the pressure created between the sole and the ground at impact. Air pressure is forced through the Airflow Stabilizer.

3w, 5w



RAF-03, much like the RAD-03 driver in styling and technology. The RAF-03 is a semi low profile fairway wood but it is made to be easy to hit off any lie. The 2012/13 Airflow Stabilizer features strongly again with the new weight port. The RAF-03 use the same weight screws as the RAD-03 and VU-03, giving full flexibility across the range of woods.

3w, 5w, 7w


Fairway wood video