Wiz Golf Shaft Match (Beta)



A shaft, if properly matched to your swing, can maximize distance, improve accuracy, accommodate a good release and follow through. The higher your swing speed, the stiffer the butt section; the slower your tempo, the softer the mid section; the later your release, the stiffer the tip section has to be. Shaft weight can affect your swing speed and your club path. Proper shaft weight for your swing promotes a faster swing speed and consistency swing path so that you can execute your swing like what you think you are swinging.

If you know your swing speed, tempo, release location and idea shaft weight, our shaft matching system can recommend a list matching shafts for your swing. Or you can use it to compare shafts to see how their stiffness properties differ. We currently have almost 900+ shaft profiles in our database and it is still growing

If you do not know these parameters, you can either head down to Wiz Golf for a swing analysis or just ask your favourite clubfitter for these numbers.

Registration is free for all. If you are a clubfitter and would like to try out the system, please drop us a mail at enquiry@wizgolf.com.sg to setup a fitter account.


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