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Ben Hogan Apex MB

Took a while for Hong to fix up my irons, just got my hand on em, i can't stop hitting balls in the range! The blades feel firm, stable, Consistent.....already giving me confident. It like, if the ball is slightly short of the 100mm target, pushing a little more and the ball goes on, I can feel the club head, the swing.... A lot of feedback. They are precisely fitted to my ability, a lot less effort now.

Must have put in a lot of effort, calculation, check N re-check..... add weights...measure swing weight, final recording....well worth the wait.


Ray Chong


Had a driver fitting session with Wiz Golf last week. It was a very enlightening session. The trackman system was unbelievably good, data collected was very comprehensive and, most importantly, Luvin (the fitter) was amazingly professional. Thanks for the wonderful experience Wiz Golf!

Melvyn Tan


Brilliant service. I moved to Singapore and needed to get fitted for an entire new set. I really didnt even know where to start. The staff are extremely generous with their time and efforts, Luvin in particular went into the most intricate detail to ensure the set was specifically tailored to me and how I play as a golfer. They also take your opinion into account so will try to combine what is most suited to you with what you actually want yourself. They're honest too and will let you know if something isn't going to work for you. Apart from that, the technology they have available will let you know for sure what's happening every time you hit the ball. Trackman was brilliant for me, letting me know what club head suited me, what weights, shaft etc etc. I even got a few pointers on how to improve some parts of my game! The edel putter fitting is also excellent You can try so many different combinations of components witin the putter that you're sure to find your match. It's also a plus that you get to customise the engravings on the putter. Honestly I couldn't recommend them more. Top class service, workmanship and products. A really friendly bunch who genuinely care about delivering the goods for you.

Rachel Maunsell


I like to thank you Luvin a wonderful fitting experience on my 2nd hand set of irons. I have done fittings before but none as comprehensive as what you guys have done for me. At the end of the day, I like the appearance of my clubs,swing weight, and I am hitting further with my clubs. I also had my wedges review and fitted with the right swing weight...very good feel especially round the greens. A few weeks later, I came back to fit my Edel putter with Luvin, another wonderful experience and very comprehensively covering my aiming, putter head, loft, swing weight...approximately about 2 first putting on the course was 34 putts, down from 38~40 putts on a 18 holes course. My target is have around 30 putts which I hope to achieve soon.

Anyway, thank you for your professionalism and advise, my game has gone to another level!!!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend any of my friends there. Good job guys!!!

Alvin Liew (Singapore)


Whenever I hit my driver, I have always struggled with too much spin. I was quite surprised when Luvin suggested going to a shaft with a softer tip. Now, it is important to keep an open mind during a shaft fitting session. The shaft Luvin suggested just felt right and I could swing free and easy. As a result, my swing speed was consistently higher when compared to other shafts.

The shaft was ordered and delivered on time, and it felt so good. You instantly know within one or two hits whether a club feels right… and the club that Luvin built for me was perfect. It was so good I asked Luvin to re-shaft my 3wood on the spot with the same shaft! The 3wood is now my go to club when I have to hit a narrow fairway.

My trackman numbers for driver were unreal. For a 98mph swing speed, +3 AoA, my carry/total went from 200m carry/215m total (3200rpm spin) to 220m carry/240m total(2800rpm spin). Just by changing the shaft I have picked up easily an extra 20m in carry with range balls. On the course, I am consistently carrying in excess of 230m with a premium tour ball.

Moral of the story – yes you can buy distance with the right club fitter!

T.C. (Australia)


Got set up for the appointment really quick with Khee Wei. I was slightly late due to the delayed flight arrival, but Luvin was still very patient with me throughout the session despite the day being a holiday. :D

First off, I love the professionalism. I had really tight schedule for them to work with my clubs, but they delivered what they promised. Second, throughout the session I actually felt overwhelmed with the amount of data taken. I had never gone through a fitting/optimization of my driver and iron session before, so I was impressed with the technological aspect of the process.

Finally, I was impressed with the attention given by the fitter during the process as well as the friendly atmosphere created by Khee Wei and his team. I obtained lots of useful information that could help my game.

Thanks guys!

NB Luvin: Good luck with the journey to being a pro!

- Hari Soebagio (Indonesia)


Many many thanks again for your (Luvin) assistance in "getting me the right" golf sets!! My first round of golf today with my Miura Golf sets at Royal Selangor Golf Club, KL was just FANTASTIC!! I really enjoyed my Miura golf sets. For the first time, I could use 7 iron to reach 160 meters!!!!!

- Stan (Indonesia)


I would like to comment that I'm very happy by the professionalism & the attention to details rendered by your staff Luvin. I dropped by your shop unannounced today & he wasted no time in hooking up the trackman whilst he was about to have his lunch. Based on trackman new stats, he gave strong assurance that my driver & the shaft still fits me even though I changed my swing recently & gave me a tip to adjust my setup. I'm really pleased that my ball flight is back , if not even better than before. I really enjoyed the pleasure in dealing with him & strongly recommend him to anyone who is keen to know if it is their clubs that is affecting their game on the course. Thks & Good job guys. Cheers!

-- Chris Chin (Singapore)


Thank you Luvin and Khee Wei for a wonderful fitting experience. I have done fittings before but none as comprehensive as what you guys have done for me. The set of gorgeous baby blades meticulously assembled by Max gave me my best round of golf to date score wise albeit a high handicapper. Kudos to you guys at Wizgolf for your professionalism and expertise.

-- KC Lim (Singapore)


The clubs are fantastic. The Miura baby blades are not a problem to play and i am actually getting 10 Yards more even though they have a lower loft than my earlier irons. Thanks for a great fitting job.

-- Amal De Silva (Sri Lanka)


It is interesting that many of us seek to get the best putter and hope to get away from having 3 putts, to putt less than 2, below 28 putts per game or to get a high percentage of making that 6 footer. I am no different.

I got myself the best putter that I ever own through Wiz Golf. A custom build Edel putter that I can aim well and have good speed control. I read green reasonably well, but if I still can’t putt to expectation, what other excuses do I have? The answer lies in a SAM Puttlab session with Khee Wei from Wiz Golf.

I really enjoyed the SAM PuttLab. Prior to the session, I had no clue as to what contributes to my putting issues. In 20 minutes I had a clear understanding of my flaws as well as how to fix them. I learned more about putting in 20 minutes than I have learned in playing golf through all these years.

The system shows detailed information of the clubface rotation, face angle at impact and address, loft at impact, raise angle, swing path & impact spot, back & forward swing timing & length etc. I now have better understanding on how I shall putt based all these feedback.

Knowing these also build up my confidence and this contribute so much to my putting now. In fact, I just come back from a round today with a total of 28 putts for 18 holes. This is a lowest number of putts I have achieved so far in my golfing journey. If you want to know how to putt better, I highly recommend SAM PuttLab at Wiz Golf. Do not just take my words for it, go try it. You will have no regrets and wished you know about this tool earlier.

-- Steve Ng


I have been playing with steel shafts (95g) irons since I started golfing about 4 years. This was with the gungho thinking of “being a young man!”. With hindsight, this may not have been an ideal choice. My swing posture was not good nor stable. As a result I often get the odd muscle pulls here and there. I found the stiffness and maybe the weight of the steel shafts was amplifying the pain from the poor posture as well as draining my energy. I found it not enjoyable after 12 holes even when the buggy on is allowed on the fairway. At the age of 40+, I decided I needed to do something about this so that I can enjoy my game more and for the longer future.

I decided to visit Khee Wei at Wizgolf as he has helped me sort out my driver shaft choice previously. I explained to him my problem and we quickly got down to work to find the correct graphite shaft for my beloved irons which were a gift from my wife. It took 3 sessions in all for me to finally confirm the building of the irons. This included the narrowing down and final selection of the shaft and the attention to shaft length and club lie. The customisation of swing weight and building each club to the same MOI was something new I learnt during theses session which I wont try to explain here as it will do injustice but it was a good feeling that all the 6 clubs have the same feel. I took the opportunity to customise the irons to my liking and KW recommended this nice little black/red hosel which I found unique and not too loud. KW has been very patient to accommodate to my odd hours of visit for those sessions and he was able to point out some observations which has improved my swing.

I finally brought these graphite shaft (59g) irons for a game and I am very happy with the results. I used to fear pulling out the 5-iron and choose to choke down on my hybrid for those dreaded long par3. I was able to confidently swing it and get it on the green (for a Par :p). I got some extra metres on the fairway as well and most importantly, fairly good direction without any lost of angular accuracy (for my current standard at least). I was enjoying my game and I did not feel as tired this time. This really reinforce my belief at playing with properly fitted graphite shafts allows me to enjoy my game better with less worries of injuries :)

Some may say that it is more worth it to buy a brand new set of irons rather than re-shafting a old set of irons but i think this choice has worked for me. I am not promoting any particular brand hence I wont reveal my beloved club-heads nor the shafts that I was fitted with :) It is money well spent considering the amount of money I had spent on seeing TCM doctors, and the time lost between games due to recovery time. Thanks to KW and of course Max who built the clubs, I dont know how much sweat it has involved but the irons turned out well and your guys have a satisfied customer :)

-- T.K. Soh


Wizgolf have been a wonderful education for me, who has been brought up on golf being a natural and untechnical style. While Khee Wei respects that, and never interfered with technique or swing tips, he has carefully and patiently explained a lot of equipment technical (and logical) deductions that have helped us figure out the most appropriate shafts, grips, weights, lies and torques that best fit my swing and physique. This has resulted in a set of new shafts and weighted grips to existing irons, which don't add distance but have increased consistently hitting sweet spot and hitting straighter, while retaining ability to work the ball - all important aspects that are more than I was expecting.

In addition, Khee Wei took me through a painstaking putter fitting and building a customised Edel putter for me. Again, I was surprised at how the lie, head type, off-set and putter-head markings affected something as simple as alignment - I was previously aiming a few inches left, so no wonder I'd keep missing or slicing putts!! Then, by changing weight distribution around the butt of the shaft made a big difference to consistent speed control.

So, no more equipment excuses, I can now only blame my swing or my head for poor golf.

-- Paul


When time came for our 11 year old daughter Erika to finally upgrade her irons from her junior set to an adult set, the choice was obvious: custom fitted irons instead of cut down off adults clubs. Our daughter is not a long hitter and her game primarily revolves around accurate irons/wedge play. After a couple of fitting sessions with Khee Wei, we settled on a set of Vega VC 01 irons and Edel wedges. The results were simply amazing, not only has the consistency of her iron play improved tremendously, she has also gained one club more in distance. The forgings are really soft and she now has much better control of her iron distances and spin of her wedge shots. It has been just two months since receiving her set and she has already shaved 3 strokes off her handicap!! Who knows, she may even get to a single digit handicap by the end of the year with her new sticks. Many thanks to the guys at Wizgolf!!

-- Edwin Layson


"So, the first time I heard about Wizgolf was in a local golf forum online. I found the name vaguely familiar but couldn't remember where I had seen the name before. I had been to two fitters before this but hadn't found one that I was comfortable with. First time I went by to see Khee Wei at Wizgolf was for my driver fitting. The session took almost two hours and it was hugely insightful. being more of a numbers than a feel person, I appreciated the systematic approach of how the Trackman numbers were intepreted by Khee Wei and also liked the fact that the testing was comprehensive. Different shafts, different weights, different heads, establishing a baseline etc. None of the hit ten balls and I think you should use this shaft, end of story type of fitting. He did not at any point try to change my swing, only gave feedback on how the trackman numbers might be affected by how I swing and in working toward those numbers, my swing gradually evolved as well. I always thought I was hitting my driver upwards until Trackman showed otherwise. Khee Wei is knowledgeble and friendly, always willing to share his thoughts and feedback. After the fitting, there was fine tuning and tweaking, which was very time consuming but the results and feedback from my golfing mates spoke for themselves. I was very happy with the results so much so that I went back to fit a new set of irons and a new putter as well. Needless to say, I had a lot more sessions at Wizgolf and the level of service is great. Also, if something doesn't need changing, Khee Wei will say so, none of that change something for the sake of making some money approach here. You can tell that this is his passion and not just a business. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend any of my friends there. Thanks Khee Wei and Wizgolf."

- Adrian Lee



"Recently got custom fitted with a set of KZG forged III irons with true temper GS75 steel shafts at Wizgolf. The feel of the double-forged KZGs are simply great, soft and buttery when hit solid, comparable with mizzies if not better in my opinion. The forged III cavity backs are also forgiving, good for amateurs whom will have mishits every now and then. Last but not least, the looks of KZGs are deadly, its enough to attract your attention...'who wants to play ugly looking design irons nowadays' :p The fitting process by Wizgolf is certainly an eye-opener and enriching experience for me. The clubfitter Khee Wei took plenty of time to explain the different aspects and measurements needed for club fitting. He also introduced me the True Length Technology (TLT) which my clubs are designed with. Overall, its a good job done and my game has improved by a fair bit. Amazingly, i got more distance even though i changed from graphite to steel shafts, i guess it must be the 'custom fit' factor."

- Roger Lau


The Edel putter fitting system shows instant results. For someone whose putting has never been consistent, the customized edel putter (after 3 hours) allowed me to really putt where I always wanted it. My putting stroke corrected itself to a simple basic stroke and putting never felt better … money well spent…thanks guys!"

- Ching HP


The Edel putter fitting system has produce for me a putter that enables much more consistent speed control. I get closer to the hole than before in my first putt consistently now. The putter is very well balanced and gives good feel. The aimpoint technology really helps me to read the green differently and more accurately. It makes me aware of more factors and estimates the amount of breaks better. My new edel putter greatly helps to reduce my overall score by about 8 strokes in my last 6 games with it. Thanks khee wei, it was a whorthwhile investment.

- Tan LH


"My short game has never been better.These EIDOLON wedges really helps from 100 yards in.Pull off any shots be it pitch, chip or flop, the ball will land softly or occasionally produces 'pro quality' backspins.All i did was align my shoulders to the intended target area and the ball goes to it.Not to mention that these wedges gives a nice "click" sound.Recently put these wedges to play when i represented my division at a civil service annual golf championship and eventually emerge as 1st Runner Up(system 36 team event).And i was ranked 19th place out of 45 competitors.Never expected that i would win my first trophy considering that i am a 24 handicapper. BIG thanks to Khee Wei@Wizgolf for his patience and professionalism in getting me fitted. These wedges rocks!!"

- Fid Saihen


Just an update, the shaft you fitted me Graphite Design AD R2 works amazingly for me. Now I can reach 250-260 yards easily. Thanks for the great job. Thanks and best regards

- Phuong


"I recently returned to golf after 15+ years and the club fitting and advice from Wizgolf's Khee Wei Seow has been fantastic. I can now 'swing and let the clubs do the work' knowing that the clubs from Wizgolf are the right geometry, lofts and shaft stiffness for me, and they will work with me as my swing improves further. My teaching pro suggested that I talk to Khee Wei about how my old clubs were holding me back. I assumed that because I was about standard size, that my standard clubs were OK. Khee Wei quickly identified that I needed different grip sizes, different shaft length, stiffness and weight. My standard putter and 2 wedges also didn't fit me and contributed to me short game being very inconsistent. At Wizgolf, I hit balls with many combinations of shafts and heads - it was great to feel and see the differences that the individual components make. Using the extensive analytics from the Trackman radar system, Khee Wei confirmed the KBS Tour 90 shaft and club head choice for my irons. The forged KZG Evolution heads feel and perform so much better than my old shafts & cast heads. We swapped out my standard SW and I now use 53deg & 58deg Eidolon wedges from Wizgolf. What a difference these wedges and Khee Wei's advice on how to use them has made to getting the ball onto the green first time. I also admire Khee Wei's professionalism. He didn't push me into getting a driver and putter right away. After analyzing my ball flights and my putting, he said that I should work on my swing and my putting stroke a bit more before getting fitted for those clubs. Wizgolf's analytics and advice has saved me hours of wasted time at demo days and saved me money by identifying the right club specs upfront rather than being tempted to buy standard club configurations off the shelf and then having to modify them.

- Doug Gordon


"Khee Wei has been very sincere, patient and approachable. He gave me many relevant and accurate advices. The service delivered was very personalized and tailored to my needs. In addition, high technology equipment (e.g. Trackman) are used to assess and analyse customer’s abilities. Useful feedback are given on technical aspects and hence helped to enhance my performance at the game. He helped to match my physical game and equipment using the data obtained from the assessment machines. Overall, I am highly impressed with his personalized service. Thanks to his help, I have made great improvements in my game."

- Soh Soo Kai (Member of NSRCC)