United SBB1 Tour Review

While the first impression that the SBB1 gives off is “serious player only”, it is anything but just that.
Sure, it is a quality forged blade with a finish that better players prefer but when one takes a look under the hood, it is clear that much thought has been given to the design for a wider audience to consider it.
SBB_TOUR_BLACK_SHOT_HERO_72dpi United Iron face 1000x699 United Iron head 1000x699

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Shaft torque test

This experiment aims to test whether the torque of a shaft has any direct relationship to the swing speed of a golfer for performance. The common pitch of a shaft company is that the higher the swing speed, the lower the shaft torque is required.  This is to reduce club head twisting during the down swing.

Here’s a info-graphic summary of the test:

Shaft Torque Test

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The First skill of putting – Aim

Knowing where and how to aim.

Does aim matter? Simple mathematics will tell us that if your aim is off by 6 inches from 6 feet, at 24 feet, you will be aiming 24 inches off.    Another way to look at it, the ball is 1.68 inches in diameter and the cup is 4.25 inches in diameter. At 15 feet, if the player aimed 1° closed/ opened, the ball would be 3.14 inches out from the centre of the cup. If the player does not have a compensatory move to open/close the face at impact or have excessive cut to manipulate the putter direction. There is no way the ball is going to enter the cup from 12 feet and up.

There are two types of aim.

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New Age Putting Model – Better Golf Through Knowledge

If you are a golfer, you must be aware that the principle of play, for more than 40% of your score, is nothing but to strike the ball on an intended line based on a chosen speed to a hole 4.25 inches wide with a tool. The challenge or rather the secret to putting, is to sustain the variables that constitute the action of putting.

The four basic skills of putting form the Triad of Putting:

- Aim
– Speed
– Path
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Equipment Q&A – 5 Questions With David Edel Of Edel Golf

1 What’s the most overlooked aspect when it comes to putter fitting?

I think the aspect that gets most overlooked in putter fitting is that the fitter isn’t there to impose their belief system to the client. It’s the fitter’s responsibility to have the skills so that they’re able to look at a fitting from the client’s perspective and truly custom-fit a putter to what they want and need.
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Shaft fitting

In this post, we would like to share some details about shafts properties and how they can affects the swing and ball flights. In the last section, we will also compare some of the ways shaft fitting are done.  Having said that, we would like to highlight that shaft fitting is just one part of a holistic club fitting.  A properly fitted club is more than getting the right shaft, there are many more parameters like head design and over balance (MOI/SW) that needs to be understood.  Here you go.

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Gain another 20m by ditching that bifocal glasses?

4 years ago, I started wearing bifocal glasses (now you know my ages… ) and almost at the same time, my whole family was down on dengue.  Since then, my driving distance has gone south.  Those day where we had mini longest drives competitions on those par 5s where gone and I can only smell dust looking at my buddies who are 15-30m ahead of me. Not to mention that I can’t putt anymore with my beloved scotty….

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