United SBB1 Tour Review

While the first impression that the SBB1 gives off is “serious player only”, it is anything but just that.
Sure, it is a quality forged blade with a finish that better players prefer but when one takes a look under the hood, it is clear that much thought has been given to the design for a wider audience to consider it.
SBB_TOUR_BLACK_SHOT_HERO_72dpi United Iron face 1000x699 United Iron head 1000x699

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Shaft torque test

This experiment aims to test whether the torque of a shaft has any direct relationship to the swing speed of a golfer for performance. The common pitch of a shaft company is that the higher the swing speed, the lower the shaft torque is required.  This is to reduce club head twisting during the down swing.

Here’s a info-graphic summary of the test:

Shaft Torque Test

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Shaft fitting

In this post, we would like to share some details about shafts properties and how they can affects the swing and ball flights. In the last section, we will also compare some of the ways shaft fitting are done.  Having said that, we would like to highlight that shaft fitting is just one part of a holistic club fitting.  A properly fitted club is more than getting the right shaft, there are many more parameters like head design and over balance (MOI/SW) that needs to be understood.  Here you go.

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Remedies and Drills for an Aim issue

Research has shown that every individual is unique and each and everyone of us has our own unique visual biasses-ness. Every putter has design elements that are fundamental to the way any putter performs and, more importantly, how it reacts to your senses and stroke. The right combination of these design elements can help any golfer see the line in a whole new light – the perfect line from the ball to the hole. Following are the elements that affect aim:

- Hosel design,
- Head shapes,
- Loft,
- Lines,
- Shaft Length,
- Lie Angle

The most effective cure to an aiming problem, is to get a putter with these design elements that naturally get you to aim where you think you are aiming with a sound stance. Any other drills or aids will just get you to perform compensational moves and hopefully, practice makes permanent.

Nevertheless, we have here a couple of aids that we have over the years see help some golfers to “train” them to aim with that putter.

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Wedge Fitting

Finding the correct wedge is a process.  Much like choosing the right tool for the job, you must look at all the variables before making a decision.  Turf conditions, angle of attack, your natural swing produces and how you plan to utilize the club will help you determine the amount of necessary bounce, sole camber, sole radius, sole width, and sole grind your wedge needs.


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Edel Wedge Review

As a former teaching pro, I had access to almost any equipment / tools I wanted. Back before grinding wedge soles became widely popular, I was already grinding my own wedge soles. The reason was simple, if Phil Mickelson does it, it has to be good.

Call it a lack of technical expertise or perhaps lack of feel, I never really thought that my own grinding helped my short game. Sure, I had enough knowledge to lay open the face, hood it, splash etc, but I always thought that that area of the game should be left to the manufacturer.

Imagine having to worry about the sole configuration of your running or tennis shoes.

Enter Edel golf.

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When is the right time to go for a fitting?

When I have a consistent swing…  When I break 80/90… When I can hit the ball more solid…

Think about it, if you are already achieving this, why should you go for fitting?  Are you trying to learn to run, wearing that pair of worn and torn boots? Have you ever ask yourselves, is the inconsistency in the swing caused by the mismatched of equipment?  Are you missing the 90 because you are not able to execute the move due to too heavy an equipment? You can’t hit the ball solidly more consistently because the club is too long for your unique body and physical capability?

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