First project!

Dear friends,

We are looking for 50 “volunteers” to go through a ball fitting session.  We will put you in front of the Trackman to whack some balls and then will give you a full report with several ball recommendations, based on whether you value distance or accuracy, less or more spin. It is totally free but we will require that you buy a few sleeves of the recommended balls from your favorite source, give them a try during your game and feedback to us what you think about the recommendations. Your testing doesn’t have to be totally scientific, you can hit some of the recommended distance balls from familiar tees – against your favorite balls – and note where they end up. If you decide to try some “accuracy” balls, we ask a few hours of short game practice and note your observations. Our objective is to find out if all of the scientific study done by AGS results in improved performance on the golf course for players like you and me in our climate here.  We would like to look for “proof” that is around us and we need your feedback.

The upside could be significant.  The folks at AGS has predicted up to 18 meters in additional distance just from changing balls.  Same golfer, same swing, same ball speed, same launch angle, same spin – plus 18 meters.  The reason for our free fitting offer is to find some of those players.  We don’t know any yet, but you could be one.

If you would like to volunteer, please call us @ 6570-1876 to schedule a convenient time or you can drop me a mail too (  The testing will be relatively quick, less than half an hour is required.

Do help by forwarding this mail to fellow golf nuts or invite them to join us at our facebook site!

Khee Wei

4 thoughts on “First project!

  1. The first feedback came in. And I must say that the particular golfer has indeed benefitted from the recommendation and will be sticking to the new balls…

  2. I was searching for some fresh golf reviews and came across this on Bing! This is a very helpful write-up! Really appreciate you for posting this!

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