Gain another 20m by ditching that bifocal glasses?

4 years ago, I started wearing bifocal glasses (now you know my ages… ) and almost at the same time, my whole family was down on dengue.  Since then, my driving distance has gone south.  Those day where we had mini longest drives competitions on those par 5s where gone and I can only smell dust looking at my buddies who are 15-30m ahead of me. Not to mention that I can’t putt anymore with my beloved scotty….

When the professional club fitter association which I belong to started discussing how bifocal glasses affect our posture and in-ability to focus properly on the ball when we are tee-ing off, I finally realize and see the light.  In 2003, John Mathieson from Golfsmith International did an extensive study on the effect of wearing bifocal glasses.  John compiled all of the data and reviewed the shots to see the best and worst with and without glasses. The best shot without the glasses was 288.43 yards.  With the glasses the best shot was 277.54 yards.  The shot of 277.54 yards is a very good shot by most standards. and is evidence that good shots can be struck with glasses, but not your best shot.

The most significant number in the test was the distance of the worst shot The worst shot for the players without glasses was 157.29 yards. The worst shot with the glasses was just 68.54 yards. It is this type of poorly struck shot that results in a loss of confidence, and puts additional stress on a players game.

The solution is simple; the player needs to play with single vision lenses. There is no other way for the player to have the proper head position and see the ball clearly, as it cannot be done with bifocals.

If you are interested in the original article by John, drop me a note.



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