The First skill of putting – Aim

Knowing where and how to aim.

Does aim matter? Simple mathematics will tell us that if your aim is off by 6 inches from 6 feet, at 24 feet, you will be aiming 24 inches off.    Another way to look at it, the ball is 1.68 inches in diameter and the cup is 4.25 inches in diameter. At 15 feet, if the player aimed 1° closed/ opened, the ball would be 3.14 inches out from the centre of the cup. If the player does not have a compensatory move to open/close the face at impact or have excessive cut to manipulate the putter direction. There is no way the ball is going to enter the cup from 12 feet and up.

There are two types of aim.

1)   True Aim is how the golfer points the putter.  You can also think of it as aiming your rifle when you are shooting.

2) Targeting Aim is how the golfer patterns break and speed with the True Aim. An example will be skeet shooting or as you were trained in your army days to aim a tad higher then the actual target when the target is 300m away.

How you interact with your putter

  • The putter is a complex package of angles, colors, and textures that must be evaluated and processed
  • Putter design does influence TRUE AIM
  • What you like in a putter is not necessarily what you need
  • Randomly changing putters requires new procedures, patterns, and processes
  • Changing putters without knowing why you are changing or know what you are changing into can be disastrous to your putting system

How to check your True Aim

There are many ways.  But the two methods we use here are:

1)    Use the aim laser


2)    PUTTron Perfection


PUTTron Perfection shows you the exact moment your putter face is square.

Did you know that the ball influences the optics of how you see face alignment? Did you know you will see alignment differently with different putters and different lengths or lie angle of putter? Many of these factors relate to your setup and and eye position in relation to your aimline.

PUTTron Perfection is one the finest putting face indicator on the market. It uses an infrared alignment system that will let you know exactly when your putter is properly aligned to the target by:

  • Sounding a steady “beep” tone or
  • Emitting a green indicator light.

The only thing you need to do is affix a small mirror to the toe of your own putterad and you’re on your way to sinking more putts. You will learn to ‘see square’ from 3-feet to 30-feet. The great thing about PUTTron Perfection when compared with putting lasers is that you can see it and use it outdoors.


What influence Aim?

Many factor influence how you aim.  The environment, the green and most importantly, your putter.  We will talk in greater details how the design of your putter can affect what you see as square.  Nevertheless, briefly, here are the aim modifiers of a putter.

  1. Hosel
  2. Head shape
  3. Loft
  4. Lines
  5. Shaft Length, and
  6. Lie angle

In the next post, we will talk about the second skill of putting, Touch and Speed Control.  Please leave us a comment or feedback.


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