When is the right time to go for a fitting?

When I have a consistent swing…  When I break 80/90… When I can hit the ball more solid…

Think about it, if you are already achieving this, why should you go for fitting?  Are you trying to learn to run, wearing that pair of worn and torn boots? Have you ever ask yourselves, is the inconsistency in the swing caused by the mismatched of equipment?  Are you missing the 90 because you are not able to execute the move due to too heavy an equipment? You can’t hit the ball solidly more consistently because the club is too long for your unique body and physical capability?

Are you able to repeatedly use your leg to take a step?  Are you able to repeatedly raise your hand to have a hand shake?  If you are able to, we believe you have reasonable hand-eye coordination and should have what it takes to repeat the golf swing.  And when your club fits, you should be able to use the clubs as an extension of your arm and point your palm to the target.  Together with knowing what is happening at impact, you should be able to control this extension such that the shots are pretty straight most of the time.

So if you are thinking about a fitting, do a check up on your current set first. To begin with, get some spray or tape or stickers and put them on the face and see if you consistently hit the ball in the center of the club face.

1. If you don’t have a pattern that pretty much covers only the center of the face, you have a problem and you need a fitting.

2. If you can see ball marks on several areas of the face, like some on the heel and some on the toe, you need a fitting.

3. If you hit shots with the same iron club both fat and skinny you need a fitting.

4. If you hit shots with the same iron club more than 20 yards left or right of the target in a 10 shot test you need a fitting.

5. If you hit shots with the same iron club more than 20 yards apart in distance in a 10 shot test you need a fitting.

6. If you hit shots with any club and you don’t know if you are going to miss to the right or to the left, you need a fitting

7. If you have to swing easy just to get the ball in play you need a fitting.

8. If you have to over swing and try to kill the ball to get it to go a decent distance you need a fitting.

If you can play other hand eye coordination sports well enough to enjoy them and you can’t play golf well enough to enjoy it, chances are it’s your equipment not you.



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