Stand and Slap or Squat and Rotate

The two most prominent stand and slap golfers on the PGA Tour.

Contrast this with the following bombers who squat and rotate.

A proper rotation of the pivot around an inclined plane will be expressed through a squat look in the legs from transition through to impact.

An improper rotation of the pivot or hip slide promotes a standing up action and a resultant weak impact.


One thought on “Stand and Slap or Squat and Rotate

  1. Guru: I wanted to add one more cnmoemt on top of Matt’s even though this is a two year old post. Dave Phillips (TPI co-founder) has been talking a lot lately about the fact that the pelvis is not shaped like a circle, rather it is elliptical. What this implies is that as you turn the hips, since they are wider than they are deep from front to back, the right hip should come back BEHIND the initial line and through impact the left hip should correspondingly turn BEHIND the initial line. So I would agree with Matt that physical limits could prevent doing the drill properly but also that the player should actually start a few inches away from the noodle or wall to allow room for the elliptically shaped pelvis to rotate properly. Here’s a very recent video that Dave and Lance Gill posted on this topic:

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