The Well Heeled

In this instalment, we examine the role of the action of the right knee as expressed in the lifting of the right heel. We examine this action in the longest golfers currently in the game.

When the right knee bends, the right leg then helps push the right hip toward the target; as a result the left hip gets pulled back and around.

This allows the hips to move in a circular fashion at a constant speed. When the rotation of the hips is impeded, then a stall of the hips results which would cause a flip of the clubhead or a standing up action at impact.

Tiger Woods

Dustin Johnson


Nicholas Colsaerts


Jamie Sadlowski


JB Holmes


Angel Cabrera

Cabrera’s right foot stays flat as his clubface is very open at the top; this flat footed action is done so that he can time the rate his clubface closes. Not an accurate procedure and certainly not recommended.


Justin Tang has been teaching golf for over 6 years. In 2005 he became certified in Arizona by Chuck Evans (GSED) becoming the 1st authorized Medicus Instructor in Asia.

He holds an Honours degree from the University of London where he topped his cohort in Applied Psychology, winning the prestigious John Mann Award. He also holds a diploma in Engineering.

His involvement and association with Homer Kelley’s The Golfing Machine (TGM) began in 2000 after being frustrated with the lack of progress in his game and the amount of misinformation surrounding golf instruction.

In 2007, he was also certified by Mal Tongue, former coach to US Open champion, Michael Campbell, under the Cymicon Instructor’s program in New Zealand.

He has also spent time with world class PGA instructors the likes of Ben Doyle (GSED), Gregg McHatton (GSED), Lynn Blake (GSED), Dana Dahlquist, Dennis Alberts, Bob McDonald, Shane Scott, John Erickson and Norrie Wright (GSED).

He continues to be held in high regard as an expert in the philosophies of TGM and his blog can be found at

Justin has been conducting his “Secrets of The Golfing Machine” workshops since 2005 to select, often elite students both in Singapore as well as regionally and in the USA. These 5 day seminars combine the principles of TGM and the science of learning into a powerful yet simple to understand manner in a way that you can use immediately.

Its one thing knowing WHAT to do in the golf swing, another thing knowing HOW to do it and yet another DOING it all the time. After attending this seminar, you will be equipped with the tools to be your own best coach!




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