Club Fitting

True custom fitting can never be completed in an hour – or a day…. To make it easier to understand what true custom fitting is about, we created the Wiz Golf Clubfitting Performance Cycle.

Wiz Golf Clubfitting Performance Cycle is a holistic and continual system of performance enhancement iteration. Each cycle includes optimizing your game through the evaluation of equipment and how it affects your bio mechanism, ball impact and ball flight. It may include one or more of a fitting process as highlighted further down the page.

1) Baseline
The first step is to establish a blueprint of your ball flight, equipment and your bio mechanism. This will allow us to identify areas that can be improved.

2) Analyze 
Different specifications of the clubs are tested to see how they each affect your ball flight and bio mechanism.

3) Match
Based on data collected in step 1 and 2, an assessment is made on the level of miss-match with your current equipment and recommendation will be made.

4) Optimize
A test club will be built to the specifications derived from the previous steps. Further tuning will be done on the test club to optimize the ball flight/impact and your bio mechanism feedback.

5) Build 
With the optimized specifications, our engineers build and match all clubs in the set to our quality and precision standard. Matching a set provides the improvement in consistency in being able to get you to repeat the biomechanics motion of the golf swing and strike the ball on-center a higher percentage of the time, which in turn will translate into greater distance and better accuracy overall.

6) Re-fit
We understand that biomechanics changes over time and as you progress through the game, your equipment needs to be re-fitted in sync with your progress. We encourage all our customers to return for checks and our engineer can tune and make the adjustments.

All fitting and equipment data is instantly available to our customer via our G.O.L.F.E.R Portal. As such, the cycle goes on, as does the continual optimization of your game.

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