Putter fitting?

Yes! Fit your putter!  In a normal round, you spend more than 40% on putting.  So why shouldn’t you get fitted for your putter?

Regardless of brand, we think the two most important aspects of the putter are:

1) If you can aim with the putter. (Just like you need to zero your rifle, individuals have their own aim biases and don’t aim every rifle the same way)

2) If you have good speed control. I.e. consistently stop the ball at the intended distance (with a reasonable dispersion).

Option 1) Edel Putter
We fully customise you for a putter that you can aim and have good speed control. A basic model cost $550 ($618 from Aug 2012) with full customisation (includes stamping and color (of your choice). Includes everything you see here: http://www.wizgolf.com.sg/edel-storyboard.php. E.g. Counter weight, opti vibes etc.

Here’s more information in PDF.

Option 2) SAM PuttLab
We put you through a SAM Putt Lab to see your putting dynamics, we may end up recommending a face balanced or toe hang putter for you etc depending on your stroke. But we will adjust the loft based on your putting dynamics and your lie angle. It takes about 60 mins to go through this and there will be a charge for the use of SAM PuttLab. However, it will include loft and lie adjustment and of course all the SAM Putt Lab reports. The SAM Puttlab will also tell you a lot about your putting stroke. Here’s some details about the SAM Putt Lab.

Option 3) Specific parameters optimisation
We can adjust specific spec of your putter based on static position and/or simple test. e.g. Bending of lie, testing of counter weight, Extending/shortening length etc. Cost wise, this will depends on what are the job done. E.g. Bending of Lie is only $5. Testing and installation of counter weight will cost $40 and up.

Of course, to us, option (1) is the best as going through Option (2) and (3) still does not mean you can aim with your putter…. although they should improve your performance.

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