More consistent swing…Lower your score today!

Finally! A training aid that focuses on the most important aspects of the golf swing: tempo, swing speed, hand release, and grip*! The SwingRite has sold over 1 million units since 1960. YES, 1960…that would be 48 years and still going strong. If that isn’t a testimonial in itself, what is? Try one today and see why this amazing training aid has stood the test of time.

*applies to certain models

The SwingRite golf swing trainer can be swung indoors, or out. It’s ideal for when there is no time to get out on the course or when the weather is bad. Since it can be used anywhere, at any moment, it provides a quick and easy way to reinforce muscle memory, a necessary aspect of improving and perfecting your golf swing. Because it is adjustable to swing speeds between (approximately) 45 mph and 115 mph you can practice all types of swings from full swing to chip. And as any golfer knows, the only real way to improve at golf is to understand the basic principles of the swing and work on them.

Wrist hinge, also called “lag” is very important in the golf swing. Your wrist joints are among some of the fastest in your body. Hinge your wrists on the backswing, then unhinge them at the correct spot on the downswing, and your clubhead speed will explode. It’s all about timing. Try to get the fastest part of the downswing to occur near the bottom of the swing arc. If you release the club too early or too late, you are robbing yourself of speed.

This is exactly what the SwingRite does! It gets you to unhinge those wrists at the bottom of the swing, creating correct release and excellent clubhead speed which results in maximum distance.



*Learn to keep your head behind the ball

*Learn the proper release point

*Work on increasing your clubhead speed (if you want)

*Work on tempo

*Save money on lessons and new clubs, let the SwingRite adjust your game

*Let the SwingRite show you where your swing needs work


You may be asking yourself “why should I care about the SwingRite?”

……answer:  “because it will improve your golf swing.”

“Why do I care about improving my golf swing?”

…..answer: “because it will help lower your handicap/score.”

“Why do I care about lowering my score?”

….answer: “because that’s the whole point of golf!!”

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